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Hello !

I'm Joost Bijlsma

Software developer




Groningen, The Netherlands



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Hello, I'm Joost Bijlsma

I'm a software developer specializing in fullstack (front- and backend) web development, and game development (both serious and entertainment). I'm well versed in multiple software frameworks and programming languages including: ReactJs, Node.js, expressJs, MongoDB, Javascript ES6, Html 5, Css 3, C#, .net, Unity3D.

My services



I create beautiful, accessible, high performance, modern websites to reach a large target audience. I design intuitive and good-looking user interfaces that guide users with ease to the information they want, and you want to tell them.

Web apps

Fullstack apps

For websites that need a little more, I can create the behind the scenes with databases, user accounts, webshops, blogs, comment sections, and any other feature.

Game development

Serious, or entertainment games

Games can be used in many ways to achieve certain goals. The obvious one is just entertainment, but another great use for them is serious games. Education can become fun, therapy can be eased, and commercials can become something you like to see again.

Work experience

2018 - 2019

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Backend .NET developer

At FBTO (an insurance company in The Netherlands), I'm working on the backend systems that communicate with, and validate input from the frontend forms where clients can subscribe to and change their insurance setups.

2016 - 2018

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Serious game developer with Unity3D

I worked on multiple Solo app development projects specializing in Augmented Reality:

  • Molecula: educational app that teaches people about everyday mollecules like DNA and caffeine, and freely view their structures in 3D AR.
  • Educo puzzles AR: I transformed old school boding wooden children's puzzles into fun interactive toys. When you complete the puzzle, you can use the app to make the puzzle come to life: little people started to dance on your table, airplanes would fly around your head and music starts playing.
  • Snaveltje (Beaky): This is another educational AR app aimed at child language development I developed at Wild Sea. The package consists of a set of wooden blocks with images. These images can be scanned with a tablet or smartphone's camera to activate a chapter of a story in which Beaky would take you on a journey through the animal kingdom. Meanwhile Beaky would teach you words and sentences.



Full Stack development with MERN stack course


Traineeship C# .net

Young Capital

2013 - 2018

Bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design

Hanzehogeschool Groningen | University of applied sciences

2008 - 2013

High school (Dutch level HAVO)

Kamerlingh Onnes College Groningen


React JS

A fast JS framework for creating interactive user interfaces on websites.


I use JS for backends to create fast software that aids the webpage in the browser.

Express JS

Fast lightweight API framework for NodeJS.


Document NoSQUl databases usefull for working with NodeJS. C#

Huge and fast framework for making full stack apps in C#


My favorite game engine. Create entertaining, educative or other serious games in C#.


Modern fundaments for websites that are optimized for search engine hits.


Modern styling of websites to create beautiful and intuitive designs.

Javascript ES6

Using the newest ES features to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

Git & Github

The most used version control in the world.

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