Story editor for educational app

During my internship at Wild Sea I worked on an app called Snaveltje (translated to beaky). Snaveltje is an educational app for kids. The kids walk through a story with Snaveltje, and during the story there are multiple choise moments. When you buy Snaveltje, you get a box with blocks. On these blocks are images representing the choises you can make during the story. To make a choise, you show the right block to the camera of your tablet or phone.

One of the requirements for this app was an editor to design the stories in. The editor needed to be usable by someone who doesn't have any experience with Unity3D and programming. The result is a node based editor built withing the editor extension functionality of Unity3D.

Colony game

I'm currently working on my biggest game so far with 11 classmates. In this school project we have 6 months to build a publishable game. In this game, the player has to take care of a group of people that are rebuilding their society many years after a major cataclysm on the Earth. You have to take care of their basic needs like food, water and energy. To do this you have to build shelter and workplaces. The goal is to grow a large and prosperous village. The gameplay is a mix between games like Simcity and The Sims.

My roles:
- Procedural terrain generation
- A* pathfinding algorithm


Distant is a game I'm currently working on in my free time. It's just a space simulator at the moment with no gameplay, but the simulation is looking pretty neat already. My goal is to create a sci-fi game on a massive scale, possibly with multiplayer support.

Take a look at the web demo to see the simulator in action.

Into The Forest

Into the forest was a 10 week school project. The goal was to deliver a publishable game and learn to work with agile scrum methods.
In Into The Forest, the player takes on the role as a conscious planet. You are a very special planet, as you grow energy crystals that give your life power. The problem is that humans need that energy, and if there is one thing humans are good at, it's to destroy planets.
You can control the plants and animals that live on you to direct the humans towards their death, and save you and your inhabitants.

My roles:
- Procedural terrain generation.
- A* pathfinding algorithm
- Character AI

A* pathfinding algorithm

For my first major project during my study: Into the Forest, I needed a way for game characters to find their way through a maze of trees and bushes. The algorithm needed to be fast and work on a 2d grid. The A* algorithm was perfect for this. After some initial research I started writing a simple tech demo. In this demo, you can set the starting and target position for the character, as well as some obstacles. The pathfinding was successful and I used the same script in later school projects too.

Procedural Galaxies

As part of my ambition to make a sci-fi game, I made this galaxy generator. I'm planning to use this in my larger sci-f- project. The generator can make 4 different types of galaxies, based on the Hubble galaxy sequence.